Our Partners


Environmentally friendly HFE based cleaners for high-end electronics industry.

All-Plus Chemical

ATBS monomers for emulsion polymerisation, oilfield, and water treatment applications.

DuPont Healthcare and Specialty Lubricants
Liveo™ Brand silicone solutions for Medical and Healthcare

Molykote™ brand lubricants for optimum lubricating and energy-saving solutions

Dow Consumer Solutions
Xiameter™ - Standard Silicone Products.

Silastic™ - RTV mould making silicone rubber for handicraft and prototyping industry.

Eastman Chemical Company

MARLOTHERM heat transfer fluids.

Evonik Industries

Evonik Personal Care's active ingredients for the protection of skin and hair as well as range of products for personal care and home care formulation.

Evonik Oil Additives Your Global Viscometrics Partner

Viscosity index improver (VII) and pour point depressant (PPD) for lubricant formulation.

Habich HMH Since 1846

The inorganic pigment company for coating, ink and plastic industries.

Riedel-de-Haen Specialists in Process

Specialist in inorganic fine chemicals for process applications.


Lumilux Effect pigments and MEKO.

Blowing agent for Polyurethane.

HP Chemical

Rubber chemical additives.

Kelly Chemicals

Nano/Micro pigment paste and functional resin for water and solvent borne coatings and printing inks.


Plasmoil is a high viscosity and high polarity bio additives for the formulation of modern lubricants.

5N Plus

Bismuth compounds, minor metals as well as high purity metals and alloys.

Nutrinova®Potassium Sorbates

Nutrinova®Sorbic Acid.


Additives for metal working applications and grease.

Planet Asia

NS Clean© environmentally friendly hydrocarbon based cleaner.

Sasol Performance Chemicals develops and markets a broad portfolio of organic and inorganic commodity and specialty chemicals.

Emulsion Polymerisation Industry: Surfactants, surfactant intermediates, fatty alcohols, linear alkyl benzene (LAB), short-chain linear alpha olefins.


Additives for water and solvent borne coatings, printing inks and powder coatings.


Aluminium and bronze pigment powder and paste.

Treibacher Industrie AG

Polishing powder for glass and lenses

USG Boral

Industrial plasters, Hydrocal and Hydrostone gypsum for the art and casting applications.


PVC for extrusion and paste processing.


Calcite and wollastonite for among others coating, plastic, ceramic, building material, metallurgy friction industries.